Dinghy Sailing

Whether you’re just getting started, need a refresher, or know the ropes and really want to sail for gold, our sailing sessions are tailored to suit you.

We provide all the kit and top notch instructors to make sure you have the best time on the water.  We offer group sailing ‘muck-in’ sessions, private tuition and RYA COURSES.

Muck-in Session

Duration: 2 hours
Experience level: Some experience necessary
Minimum age: 8 years

Our muck-in sessions are designed for those who have some sailing experience, but want the security of having an instructor (and safety cover) on hand. Take one of our boats to practice your skills, explore the coastline and know that you have a skilled instructor on hand for any pointers.

RYA Onboard Beginners Sessions (for age 8-16)

Duration: 4 hours
Experience level: No experience necessary
Minimum age: 8 years

 RYA OnBoard offers young people the opportunity to try out sailing through their local centre in a safe, structured and fun environment. The programme is aimed at complete novices and those who want to learn the basics of how to sail a dinghy. It will enable those taking part to experience all the excitement and relaxation that being on the water offers, whilst at the same time teaching them a wide range of invaluable life skills, from problem solving to leadership and teamwork.

Adult Beginners Sessions

Duration: 4 hours
Experience level: No experience necessary
Minimum age: 17

Our Adult Beginners Sailing Sessions follow the same structure as the Onboard Sessions, but in an adult only environment. 

Private session

Duration: 2 hours
Experience level: No experience necessary
Minimum age: 8 years if unaccompanied

Private sailing sessions are available with our fully qualified instructors and are suitable for all ages and abilities. Learn to sail from beginner level, or practice more advanced skills with an instructor either in the boat with you, or alongside in a safety boat.

RYA Courses

Find out more about our RYA courses 

Our boats

RS Feva

The world’s leading double handed dinghy for youngsters and parent / child teams. the RS Feva offers a double-handed exciting performance with modern styling and practical features which make it a manageable and fun sailing dinghy.


The Pico is suitable for beginner and intermediate level and is loved by older children and adults. The Pico can adapt to suit different wind conditions and can be fitted with a jib. Best used in beginner sessions, muck-in and private sessions.


This all round comfortable boat is great for a family or for someone who wants to go solo. Quite a slow boat but very comfortable which makes it easy for a novice/beginner to learn the basics of sailing. Best used for beginner, muck-in and private sessions.

RS Vision

Getting your family into sailing can be life-changing. Shared enthusiasm and activities forever. The RS Vision is roomy and stable Which makes it a great boat for families and training with plenty of room for at least two trainees and an instructor, or parents with a couple of kids.

RS 200

The RS200 is the most advanced dinghy we have at Tackt-Isle, but with its simple rig it won’t take long to get the hang of. Perfect for 1 to 1 sessions, thrill ride as crew or if you’re experienced enough with a friend just take it out for a spin with an instructor as cover if you need advice.

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