Same story every year? Weather is suddenly perfect, you get out your boat and find you have to spend the first hours or even days fixing forgotten damage or general wear and tear?


Dinghy Doctor is our friendly local service providing equipment servicing and repair, cleaning, laying up and fitting out, launching and recovery for all dinghies, small boats, kayaks, windsurfers and more. We offer a team of enthusiasts and local boatmen with experience and knowledge to get you back out on the water as quickly as possible.


Contact Ben to find out more on 01983 875542.



What is Dinghy Doctor? +

Dinghy Doctor is a local small craft health service. Why do it yourself when you can employ the Dinghy Doctor for your boats annual check up and maintenence?

Who is Dinghy Doctor? +

The Dinghy Doctor is a team of enthusiasts and professionals that have many years of dinghy health check and maintenence experience. 

Why would I schedule an appointment with the Dinghy Doctor? +

Dinghy Doctor is your one stop shop for all your boating needs. We are here for the boats as well as you. Is time an issue? Or would you like to be taught how to maintain your boat? We can ensure that your boat is water ready for when you need it. We will take on your project and any unecessary stress off your hands.

When can the Dinghy Doctor start on my boat? +

The Dinghy Doctor is available all year round and last minute appointments are available to suit you. 

What is laying up and fitting out? +

Laying up generally occurs in the Autumn and runs through to the early winter months. Essentially it is a 'winterising' service whch includes things such as cleaning, drying out, maintenence and putting into storage for the winter months.

Fitting our is the term used to describe the process of readying your boat for the spring and summer seasons where you will be using the boat more regularly. This includes things such as bringing the boat out of storage, rigging up and putting a fresh coat of paint or varnish on before it goes back into the water.

Will the Dinghy Doctor come to me? +

The Dinghy Doctor is fully mobile and can come to you. We have multi-purpose trailers and the Landrover to tow boats if needed. 

How much will it cost? +

Bespoke projects start at £18 per hour plus materials. Please contact us for more information.